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Arctic fox in garbage dump: Who would have thought that a load of old rubbish could be pleasant to look at? Rubbish in its raw state, untouched, piled-up and forgotten? Not a thing of beauty. Unless, of course, you are Staffan Widstrand, who saw the photogenic potential in a heap of military waste (temporary snow/ice metal landing strip), which he discovered in a rubbish dump in Greenland, and found that his tastes were shared by an Arctic fox, which realised its potential as a denning site. From this fortress of a home, the fox was able to make regular foraging journeys into the other areas of the tip in search of edible scraps from the local human community. The diminutive scale of the fox in this metal landslide provides a deliciously soft and natural element in the otherwise harsh environment Flat, low-contrast lighting enhances the sombre mood and reveals the subtle range of colours at their best. Photographer: Staffan Widstrand (Sweden). Winner at the BBC Photo Contest 1998