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Snow monkey: Many portraits, be they of humans or other animals, are made or broken by the expression in the eyes of the subject. And if the eye is the window to the soul, then this monkey needs a bit of an emotional tonic. Its apparently doleful features are compelling viewing, made all the more so by the photographer's careful framing, which not only sets the centre of interest comfortably in the top left corner but also ensures no other part of the image is distracting. These famous primates, which frequent Jigekudani hotsprings in Japan, use the warm waters to escape from their otherwise chilly surroundings. Photographs of them abound, but few are as accessible or dramatic as this. Such a strong connection between the viewer and the thoughts of the photographed subject is rare indeed. And I think maybe, just maybe, this monkey is wishing it was on a beach in Florida. Photographer: Daniel J Cox (USA). Runner-up at the BBC Photo Contest 1998