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Grouper with followers: Groupers are special: big, imposing, accommodating fish of tropical waters. But this grouper is special. Meet Boris, a good friend of the photographer, and, apparently, an all-round favourite with many of the smaller fish in the reef. Andy first met Boris on a diving trip to the wreck of the President Coolidge in Santo, Vanuatu, in 1994. After a brief encounter, he vowed he would return, and did so two years later. It was this meeting that resulted in such a striking photograph. While Boris was busy accepting titbits from Andy's dive-buddy, he presented many opportunities for photography. His 400-kilogram bulk and inquisitive nature allowed the use of a wide-angle lens at close proximity. And while a flash helps to set the gentle giant apart from its background, it renders his little yellow 'grouper groupies' positively luminescent. Quite apart from incidentally helping Boris to look all the more beautiful, the entourage benefits from scraps left by the huge jaws of their unwitting benefactor. Photographer: Andy Belcher (NZ). Winner at the BBC Photo Contest 1998