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Elephant fish: The wonderful contrasts in this image are an ingredient in its successful recipe. The backdrop (in this case, the water's surface) grades from a deep shadow to a sunburst, rendering the extraordinary-looking fish almost three-dimensional as it cruises overhead. Lighting on the central subject is provided by two strobes, but unlike many underwater photographs which employ this technique, the flash does not create an artificial atmosphere, instead giving the impression of reflected light from the overhead sun on the silvery sheen of the fish. Add to this close proximity and the use of a very wide lens, and you have a photograph which could easily have come from outer space. In fact, I have a suspicion that elephant fish, with their aluminium skin and space-ship noses are just visiting for a short while before moving off to their true home on a distant planet. The truth is out there. Photographer: Kelvin Aitken (Australia). Specially Commended at the BBC Photo Contest 1998